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Collection Overview


A core architecture collection purchased from Archivision, Inc. by and for the UA School of Architecture representing major Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, 18th & 19th Century and Modern sites. The focus here is the Italian Renaissance and Baroque and Modern architecture, especially the work of Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier. The collection also includes gardens & parks, city skylines, cityscapes and public art as well as other design related topics.
Archivision has licensed the University of Arkansas digital images and corresponding data available for teaching, research and other educational and not-for-profit purposes by the members of the educational community of the University of Arkansas, as specified within the Site License, for use within the University of Arkansas only. Other uses constitute copyright infringement. For clarification or to acquire additional rights, including personal use rights, you may contact Archivision at Use of these images is restricted as follows: 1. Images may be placed on a web page for classroom study by an instructor so long as that page is not open to the World Wide Web but restricted in some manner, such as the use of a password. 2. Authorized users may incorporate selected images into their Electronic Classroom Management Systems, such as Blackboard, so long as access is restricted in some manner, such as the use of a password. 3. Authorized users may use reasonable portions of this collection in electronic reserves for specific courses of instruction offered by this University, where access is restricted to students enrolled in the course, to instructors, and to staff responsible for the electronic reserves service, and such access is limited to the duration of the course.
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Art and Architecture

Core image collection developed by School of Architecture Smart Media Center for teaching and research; contains images of art, architecture, landscape architecture and the built environment.
All images made by or for or purchased by the University of Arkansas School of Architecture Smart Media Center become part of the collection. Slides, photographs, or digital images belonging to the Smart Media Center will be used for educational purposes only. These educational uses may include projecting slides or digital images in the traditional face-to-face classroom, creating class review websites that are accessible only to enrolled class members, and as thumbnail images in the collection database, depending on the permissions that come with the original source for the image. The Smart Media Center does not authorize any person or group to duplicate collection images.
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